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Plastic Division

The productive process of plastic materials (printing and extrusion) has always been POLIMOR core business.

From 1975 we supply companies in the furniture sector with all internally produced articles. The productive process doesn’t leave behind any phase. Starting with the realization of the mould, going through cleaning and painting of plastic, and ending finally with the assembly of all components and their packaging.

The first fundamental phase is made within the 3D prototypes department of the technical office. This is because the 3D first versions of the articles are functional to the project and realization of mould. All tools are produced internally.

Moulds are then realized with all the ideal technical features of a correct printing process, controlled in every detail.

Every machine is equipped with cartesian robots for the withdrawal of the components. The quantities of raw material needed by the machine are managed by a centralized automatic system. The optimal automatization of the production line allows a great visual control, without excessive manual operations.

The continuous investments in new productive technologies give POLIMOR a high rate of automatization, allowing the company to autonomously manage the printing and painting process of every component.

POLIMOR gives to its clients the opportunity to personalize their products with many different kinds of paints and films, together with a galvanic process for the realization of brilliant surfaces. Client’s happiness is our greatest goal.

Plastic Division

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