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Metal Division

Work with our clients is based on a reciprocal knowledge. It aims to a deeper connection that goes behind the matter. The Metal Division operates since decades in the sector of ornamental components for the furniture industry. We currently have a vast catalogue of metal handles.


The company know-how is based on a 50 years period of experience in the furniture industry. The design of our metal products is inspired by our deep knowledge of the market and is agreed with our clients.

Research and Development are fundamental, together with a strong synergy within all the sectors of our company.

All articles are technically and aesthetically tested before being produced on a large scale. Virtual design and prototypes production are our effective instruments to communicate with our clients about new common projects. Thus, they can effectively touch the product with their hands. 

Finishes . Our finishes respond to both trendy topics and established designs of the furniture industry. The catalogue has many - so called - standard colours, but also presents a vast set of personalized patterns. We always look for the newest finish, in order to better follow the requests of our clients.


Quality and service . The internal quality control processes, together with those realized by external partners, respect the quality certificate ISO 9001. Controls are continuously checked by highly professional colleagues.

The packaging and the following transport of the finished products are easy to check for the clients. We entrust our partners to the best transport companies.

Metal Division

We offer zamak aluminum and a qualitatively adequate service.

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